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Music & Business

Musical Detectives are musicians and businessmen.  We've been executives and composers, performers and intellectual property owners, researchers and writers, expert witnesses and plaintiffs.  We offer diverse personal experience.

Combining Styles

Music has many genres and styles.  Our backgrounds are equally at home with Classical, Rock, Pop, International, Rap, Hip Hop, Jazz and more.

Our Team

George Saadi has had significant education, training and experience in music performance, composition, recording and industry.  Education includes a Bachelor's of Music from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, as well as a Master's Degree in Music Industry from the University of Miami in Coral Gables (where he also obtained an MBA).  His career includes independent entrepreneurial ventures, as well as executive positions at major corporations, including Capitol-EMI Music and Clear Channel.  His awards include an Emmy nomination.  He was mentored in Musicology by the renowned late-forensic musicologist, Irwin Coster.  He has testified as a retained expert witness on Musicology matters, and has published hundreds of articles on music-related business topics in leading trade magazines.

Christopher Stone has composed music for over 20 feature films and hundreds of TV episodes for Disney, Universal, CBS, NBC and HBO.  Stone was awarded ASCAP's Most Performed Background Score award seven consecutive years.  He has been awarded five patents for his innovative processes in the recording industry.  He began his musical education at the age of three, teaching himself to play.  He studied piano, conducting for the Balley Russe de Monte Carlo.  At age 15, Stone studied composition in Paris, and went on to complete his education in Vienna, Austria at the Hochschule fur Musk and Darnsellende Kunst.  He has composed three ballets for Bethune Theatredanse.  His work has won or been nominated for many prestigious awards including Oscars, Emmys, Clios and Cable/Ace.

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George Saadi

Musician and business executive at Capitol Records and Clear Channel.  Musicologist, expert witness and author of music-related articles in trade publications.

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Christopher Stone

Music education in Monte Carlo, Paris and Vienna.  Composed for film, TV and videogames.  Awarded five patents in the recording industry.

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